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What’s NEW image For #Plant18

Bigger Yields, Better Quality! Sell your bin run and upgrade to one of these exciting varieties that are available for the 2018 planting season! Our family watched these varieties outperform our farm “check” varieties for the past 3-4 seasons and feel confident in recommending each of them. If you are looking for a solution to problem or just looking to switch up your second or third generation bin run consider one of the following as a replacement.

CS Camden – Milling Oat NEW image We have grown AC Morgan oats as our check variety since the variety was release. CS Camden stands strong, plump kernel and outperforms on yield. This variety is a winner!

AAC Cameron VB – Hard Red Wheat NEW image The refuge in this midge tolerant variety is AC Carberry which contributes to the stronger straw factor.  The improved fusarium rating is key improvement over other midge tolerant hard red varieties. Test AAC Cameron VB on your farm in 2018.

CDC Landmark VB – Hard Red WheatNEW image Midge tolerant, improved fusarium rating, and noticeably higher yields. That is what we see from this variety. This is a very short strong strawed variety. One of the shortest varieties we have grown on our farm. Very excited to sell this variety in 2018.

Cover cropsNEW image Tillage radish, Diakon radish, kale, hairyvetch, crimson clover, sudan grass and more. We now are stocking various species for cover crops. Compaction issues and drainage problems, try diakon radish. Seed radish between August 1 – 15th in Northeast Saskatchewan for best results.





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